Emre Yigitoglu

Klause Advance Computing Building room 3319 
266 Ferst Dr, Atlanta, GA 30332-0765 USA 
eyigitoglu [at] gatech [dot] edu

resume (pdf)

About Me

I am a PhD student in the department of Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology, affiliated with the Distributed Data Intensive Systems Lab (DiSL). I am advised by Prof. Ling Liu.

My research lies at a broad level within database systems and distributed computing. Recent focus has been on privacy-preserving on spatio-temporal data, privacy-aware mobile data management and distributed location privacy preserving.


  • E. Yigitoglu, M.L. Damiani, C. Silvestri, O. Abul. Privacy-Preserving Sharing of Sensitive Semantic Locations Under Road-Network Constraints, IEEE Mobile Data Management, 2012

  • C. Silvestri, E. Yigitoglu, M.L. Damiani, O. Abul. SAWLnet: Sensitivity AWareLocation cloaking on road-NETworks, IEEE Mobile Data Management, 2012, Best Demo Presentation Award (watch demo)

  • K. Lee, E. Yigitoglu, L. Liu, B. Han, B. Palanisamy, C. Pu. RoadAlarm: A SpatialAlarm System on Road Networks. IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, 2013 (visit a project website)

  • K. Lee, L. Liu, B. Palanisamy, E. YigitogluRoad Network-aware Spatial Alarms. To appear in IEEE Transaction on Mobile Computing (TMC), 2015.